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Future Property Auctions

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5.00 /5
Friendly and Helpful Auction

I have sold and bought properties with Future for years and they have been great. I have mainly dealt with Robin in Glasgow. He always looks after me and really knows the auction business well.

5.00 /5
Buying at Auction

Having previously bought a few properties from OTHER awful auction houses in Scotland, I was apprehensive to purchase my 3rd property, but I thought I would try Future this time. I have to say the staff were so helpful, they sent me the home report and legal pack within about 30 mins, and even helped me negotiate a pre-auction offer with the seller. I collected the keys a few weeks later. I will definitely be buying again.

1.00 /5
dealing with future

Avoid this company, they bombard you with sales lists you don't want and won't unsubscribe you from their lists, phone calls, letters, emails just get ignored.

1.00 /5
In whose Best Interest do they work?

Who is writing the positive review cos if it is that amazing then as a cash buyer I would suggest my experience means the CUSTOMER is losing out... the customer being the seller!!! I was interested in a large Church property that was being advertised in Alexandria. In the space of 8 days, I visited the shop twice, emailed twice and phoned 3 times. They only phoned me back as I was driving to the airport where upon I was given the hard sell to put down a deposit depsite the fact that I told them I wanted to view and arrange a survey. The hard sell was to buy the property at £11,000 less than the asking price. Any experienced buyer knows buy from an AUCTION HOUSE with DUE DILIGENCE and at your own peril. Since I would be away for a week I refused to put down any money without viewing or surveying so I was told to check the website on my return it it was still available. The property was re-advertised and I again contacted them and surprise, surprise no contact... and it was being advertised at the new reduced price of £59,000. It appears to now have been sold and I am guessing that ultimately the Customer (seller) has been screwed in this process by this company... and will have cost them a lot of money for the pleasure... my sympathies.

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