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Kinleigh Folkard and Hayward

1.00 /5
Confirms our dislike of Estate Agents!

We have sold our house and the purchasers were introduced by KFH. We are very lucky for that. Tyrone, the Manager, came to value out house. We took to him as he was very professional and had all the right answers. Sadly this didn't continue and he turned into the estate agent that we all love to hate, Mo Ahmed also dealt with our case and concluded the sale. We are grateful for that but again, he is an agent we love to hate. Alex and Andrew were two who dealt with us very nicely, albeit too briefly. Tyrone valued our house at a high price amd recommended putting it at a lower price to get offers over. Well this never happened. KFH sent some developers (against our express instructions) to view. They obviously offered well below what we wanted. Eventually a couple were sent who, it transpored, could not have afforded even the reduced asking price. Why were they sent round? They made a sadly low offer which was rejected. After a while of no viewings we crunched the figures and decided that we really did want to move. That couple came back with a raised offer, still far below what KFH said they would get for us, but we accepted. The battle then began and we fealt that KFH seemed to support the purchasers more than us. I believe that tjis was because they act as salespeople. No sale, no pay! If they act for us they facedx losing the sale, somthey acted for the purchasers in getting us to agree to a low offer and that was sonthey would getvtheir pay! I feel that KFH are a professional sales body. They suck younin with a high initial offer then get youbto reduce it and you eventually accept a really low offer. Had they priced that house accordingly in tne dirst place we may not have had to wait six minths to sell. Having said that, we did sell. We still love to hate estate agents and would prefer never to deal with them ever again, still, needs must.

review by Henry Davies 20.12.2017
1.00 /5

MONEY GRABBING B@STARDS Having decided to look for a 1 bedroom flat to rent near Crystal Palace I found a decent sized property about 20 minutes walk away through Kinleigh Folkard and Hayward for £850 per month. Not overly expensive I thought. I arranged a viewing with Alex on the Saturday. She seemed helpful (don't they all) and we agreed on a viewing at 11:30am on the Saturday. The Saturday arrived and I didn't want to be late as my journey was an hour and half to get to the viewing. Just as I was arriving at just after 11am at the front door I got a call saying sorry but the viewing has been postponed. No prior notice was given and I was pretty annoyed at the time wasted. I was called back again with a further apology saying that if I would go for a second viewing I would get some discount off of the agency fees. I saw the property for the second viewing and liked it and got the ball moving. NO DISCOUNT WAS OFFERED and I had to part with £656.15 with was for £210 tenant fees and £120 for referencing and the rest towards the initial deposit which still left me with a balance of £2194 before the move in date which wasn't a problem. The contract was for 15 months which I thought was odd and did query this but was told its either 15, 18 or 24 month contract. Upon my final visit just to hand in some more papers and fill out yet more forms I was told that mid contract the landlord now wanted to implement a rent rise but also there was no figure as to how much of an increase. I told them no way and if the landlord wanted to increase the rent he would have to do it after the contract has finished. Ridiculous!!!! Due to my mum's ill health and social services not being able to go ahead with a care package for my mum which had already been agreed with them I was forced to unfortunately pull out of the flat so I can carry on caring for her. KFH still had over a months notice from the date the flat was available to find tenants for this and have so far refused to pay back any of this money. I have been very reasonable with them and said yes they can keep the agency fees and the referencing (£330) and just return the rest (£326.15) which would have gone to the landlord. Instead, they are keeping the lot for their own profit and are showing no signs of wanting to play fair. They are going to find other tenants within the month and charge them another set of tenant fees and referencing so no doubt be quids in. I am in the process of seeking legal representation on this as I was hoping for at least a bit of compassion and understanding. I haven't cost them any money and in fact know that they will make more now. In the meantime. I would recommend to anybody to avoid these people as they seem to be up there with the worst of them.

review by Simon Tyler 19.05.2016
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