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Avtar Properties

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5.00 /5
Great Service

With my previous bad history with dealing with letting agents this company was a pleasure, Avtar showed me a variety of different properties and found me a property to live in straight away, i had lots to chose from, Avtar kept professional and made me feel welcome when visiting the office! Since moving in i have had no problems and i am more than happy with the service i received! Would highly recommend using this agent and would definitely use them again!!!

1.00 /5
Awful terrible horrendous the worst

I wouldn't go as far to actually call this company estate agents. The people working in the office are not trained, they're useless and unhelpful. The landlord is a scam artist and have taken our money all year. If you want to save yourself a huge amount of grief and money DON'T use Avtar properties.

1.00 /5
rats, mould, no hot water/ heating in winter, bad plumbing, intimidating landlord

Appalling, I really cannot stress this enough. If you have problems they will not be resolved. In short - rats, no hot water/ heating over winter, no maintenance when required, mould, intimidation. I lived with them for a year, during which time I had to deal with a rat infestation (the road we lived on is known to have rat problem which we were warned about by neighbours on arrival, yet it took them 7 months and multiple letters from environmental health to fill in the holes in the walls). We also had to live without heating or hot water over the winter as they ignored our requests to have it fixed, telling us that it was "being dealt with" for over 5 weeks. I ended up contacting my local councillor about it. Avtar tried to blame the rat problem with us (despite neighbours and the environmental health leaving the blame on the holes in the side of the house) and would turn up at random times with a camera to try and catch us out as "dirty" but left after seeing that the house was actually clean (hence actually eventually filling the gaps in). These werent cute little rats they were MASSIVE. The only benefit was that I think they ate spiders (they also ate entire loaves of bread and managed to move a whole bag of chips under the sink). At the time there was a Facebook group dedicated to them which had one person claim that they were actually left living in a house with a hole in the roof. Dont be fooled by the nice bloke who shows you round, as soon as you sign the lease, if you have the misfortune to live in one of the houses that they actually own then get ready to get used to squalor. We also had problems with overflowing drains (one toilet out of order entirely and the other when flushed flooded the downstairs one) and a mould problem in my bedroom that was so bad that I ended up having to take a month off work with chest infections (another thing that environmental health contacted them about - they probably had them on speed dial). I ended up scraping as much of it off as I can but was left feeling "below par" for a long time and having to take a lot of time off work. They eventually dealt with the mould problem by painting over it. They also refused to let us terminate our contracts despite having found people to replace us and 2 girls ended up paying rent for the year on 2 properties as they couldnt stand it any more. Bare in mind that I used to use Leeds Student Homes - a company so bad they ended up being featured on Watchdog, you can imagine how appalling Avatar must be as I view them as considerably worse. They own a lot of houses and I am sure that if nothing ever goes wrong with them or they have a different owner then you'll see them as nice enough but heaven forbid anything goes wrong with the property. It all sounds ridiculous in hindsight and I laugh and refer to it as the paid squat now but at the time we were people in our early 20s who had no option but to carry on living there. At the time it seemed like a great deal at £40 a week but we later found out it was usually rented as a 3 bed anyway - probably due to the mould problem in 2 of the rooms. Forgot to mention that when my housemate who was on housing venefit borrowed a van to move us all out at the end, the owner (I think?) followed him around in his car taking photos saying he was going to report him for working whilst on the dole.

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