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Butterfield Taylor and Co

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5 / 5
Friendly and efficient service

I had a very pleasent experience with Butterfield Taylor. All the staff were kind and helpful when i needed. Would definitely recommend 10/10

By Billy Furness

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5 / 5
Fantastic Agency

Really, really heplful for anything i needed. The team were very responsive and helpful. I would like to personally say Hannah the maintenance manager is doing a great job as lots of people are reporting problems everyday. Overall would strongly reccomend to others

By Rob Browning

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5 / 5
Great service

Great service, found a nice little house. Service was quick and staff were great. It’s a shame people only put bad reviews as so far all has been really good and they are much better than the bigger well known agents.

By James Smith

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1 / 5
Incompetent, inefficient and unreliable

The estage agent team is there just to ensure you move in as quickly as possible despite the house is not fully set up. You have first to ask for the keys, the locks and the passwords for wifi. You have to keep calling them so they can look after you for the needs you need. Nevertheless they are always first to remind you to pay the rent as if you dont know the bill is due but when it comes for requesting repairs or etc it always take 10+ days to get it fixed and that also if multiple people raise the request. They do not have also a way to track people requests you have always to talk to the agent and if that person is not dont expect som1 else to look after the request as it will never been taken care of. The agency in the end is just there to make money out of you they do not care if the kitchen is crammed or lacking furniture as long as they have the rooms filled they are happy. Do not even think to email them as they will just read ur email and never reply unless they have a favor to ask you. They sound super nice and polite but the way they operate does not reflect that behaviour.

By Anonymous Anonymous

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1 / 5

The staff are very unhelpful and on occasions out right rude. I once complained about their contractors making noise at 7.30am in the morning, and the reply I got was "Not being funny but that's not our problem, speak with the contractors yourself". I had an issue with a water pump leaking in the flat above when I first moved in. It took them over 2 months to fully resolve the issues, and recently the water pump has leaked again! I have huge brown stains above my bed where the upstairs plumbing leaked twice now. And they expect me to take unpaid time off or allow their workmen into the flat unsupervised rather than sorting over a weekend or when I have holiday booked. On top of that I've had a reoccurring leak for months now. Water literally runs down my bedroom wall when it rains heavily, and they have taken two weeks so far to investigate the latest leak. which is coming from the loft hatch in my hallway. I also have an open hole into by bathroom where workers removed a vent cover to re-point the brickwork, but then never replaced the vent, so I have a constant draft coming into the flat,. I've had issues with the boiler and the electrics too. Just a complete nightmare, The office manager recently told me they would completely ignore my complaints if I continued to email, which is nuts! If they sorted the issues I wouldn't have to keep complaining so much, but I just get told they'll sort is "ASAP" each time, and that time never comes. When I do eventually get a date when they will sort the issues they have excuses why it wasn't sorted when arranged. They always blame their contractors. Disgusting service! I recently had to involve the local council health officers as they are still making excuses and not sorting the leaks.

By Stephen Sykes

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5 / 5
Good Agent

Very good agent, only agent who was happy to help me.. would recommend

By Dean Smith

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