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Alan Francis

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01908 675747

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Medina House 304 Silbury Boulevard
Milton Keynes
South East

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1 / 5

DO NOT USE THIS agency if you really need to find a place to live. They just want your money for doing nothing at all . They certainly don't employ professionals people who care about what they are doing.. In my case had they done their job and acted sooner I would not have lost my £270 deposit and have moved into a lovely flat. Instead they dragged their heals, Then after paying the deposit and waiting for everything the company I worked for several years suspended me due to a problem with a job I had done.. I had recently sold a property and had equity to come. Anyway the job reference in the end failed everything else was good. I offered to pay rent 6 months in advance but they would not accept that, they do not do that. I could not understand when everything else was ok and I was going straight into another job anyway. They had not drawn up any contract all they had done was the references which another company does at a cost of £25 or £45 each so even if it was £45 then I think they should have returned the balance to me. I was told that I told lies when I applied and I would lose the whole deposit. I did not tell lies and can proved all the correspondence from work to prove that.. I think they have been extremely unfair and money grabbing. I do not believe they even asked the landlord if they would take 6 months rent in advance. They are a law unto themselves. I am so upset and disappointed considering I purchased my property through them. In the end I went to Inspire estate agents who were extremely helpful and done the reference checks again they knew my circumstances and I was able to pay the landlord 6 months rent in advance. I was practically homeless the day I moved out of my flat I got the keys to the rented place at 5pm. Its been a nightmare. which could have been avoided.

By steven whitley

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1 / 5
Completely disappointed from this agency.

Preferably stay away from this agency if you really need to find a place to live. They don't care at all about the customers the just want their money giving their minimum they can. Also nonprofessionals at all, they're are not informed about basics things on letting, things I have met on other agencies. My case was waiting for nothing for three weeks after my visit on property for viewing and after my visit on office to fill up the application form. The answer in the end was just an excuse of we have been trying to contact you but we could get through on you.

By Andi Karavoqiri

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5 / 5
Reappraisal of Alan Francis's Management

Dear sir, I have previously reported an overcharged cleaning service rendered under the rental management of Alan Francis. I would like to provide further update that after further discussions and conversations with the management, my experience with Alan Francis has since improved. Details as such:- 1. Abygale Jennings have secured a reduced price of 70 pounds for the service, which is at least a sign of good will and effort. 2. She has also secured a cheaper plumbing repair for the property. 3. There has been regular payment of rental income. 4. There has been as far as I understand good upkeep of my property. 5. There has been relatively uneventful rentalship for the past 5 months which I hope will continue to be so. 6. A renewal of 6 months has been secured on my rentee. I would hence like to withdraw my previous appraisal. I would like to thank Alan Francis for continuing to manage my property and keep my stay abroad stress free.

By Kai En Low

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1 / 5
Dissapointed, lost my trust and confidence, ? scammer

I went to Alan Francis with high hopes that being a local company, it would be more competitive and trust worthy. Today, Abygale Jennings inflicted a "Cleaning cost" on myself prior to the tenant moving in. The alleged faults were of trivial nature, including, crumbs on the table, sink needs wiping etc. Research online and on telephone demonstrated that the cleaning can be performed at 12-15 pounds per hour. They charge an extortionate 110 pounds. When I referrred the same case to several cleaning companies picture provided, they quote a 2 hour work at most. I immediately brought this to Alan Francis's attention, but they say that they have done the cleaning and then informed me later. They notify me in a way that I had minimal time to arrange my own maintenance services. I am sure many people have similar experiences. Can you advise how I could cope with such a situation? I highly value your experience and thoughts as I fear I would not be able to financially cope if Alan Francis continues to inflict costs on me like this, as I am barely breaking even on the low rent that Alan Francis secured. Please kindly advise

By Kai En Low

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